Mini Barcelona G Nomon wall clock

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Mini size wall clock with double ring, polished brass machinery and wooden needles. Dimensions: Ø66 cm.

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Description Mini Barcelona G Nomon wall clock

The Nomon Mini Barcelona G Clock is a small-sized wall clock of about 66 cm in total. This is our famous and popular Barcelona Clock that has been so demanded which is why we offer you a mini version. If you previously thought that the Barcelona Clock was very large for your taste or it is simply not what you were looking for we are sure that now in its mini version it will captivate you with its charming design.

The Mini Barcelona G Clock by Nomon is the small-sized version perfect for placing on walls where the total prominence of the clock is not sought but only to add a touch of style and decoration to the space without overloading. Remember that knowing the time is always important.

So this mini clock can be placed next to the computer to give a modern touch to your workplace. It also works very well in the children's room for whom it will also be important to know the time.

The Nomon Mini Barcelona G clock has a double ring made of black fiberglass which adds dimension to what could have been a common wall clock. The needles made in walnut wood match the two wooden details on the lower and upper part of the clock that also serve as a reference for the time signals, then there is the clock case made of polished brass and held to the hands by a small support that also has this finish in gold. A contrast is created in the needles between gold and brown.

All this is held by a support that passes through the middle of the Nomon Mini Barcelona G Clock that is designed to be embedded in the wall and remain fixed and secure

Data sheet

Gold n
Ø Diameter
66 cm.
76 cm.
Polished brass
Clock Hands
Black lacquered walnut wood.
Black fiberglass.

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