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Axioma T Nomon wall clock

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Nomon concept base clock with graphite box and wood hands.

Clock hands
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Description Axioma T Nomon wall clock

The Nomon Axiom T Clock is the simplest design in our catalog of wall clocks. It is definitely a very particular design because it doesn't even have a circular base or with hourly signs leaving it only with a circular graphite steel case and handles.

This clean and elegant design has wooden handles of a dark brown hue, as well as having a very remarkable texture and surface, showing the strokes and patterns of the tree where it came from. The graphite box is made of a shade of gray reminiscent of lead. The Nomon Axiom T Clock is large and seeks to make a statement on any wall where it is due to its approximately 100 cm in diameter.

It is a piece that attracts a lot of attention because it goes beyond the parameters of what is a common wall clock. To place it on the wall it is necessary to drill a small hole in which to place a screw that will have the circular graphite steel base on it.

It is a completely safe base with good grip, so there is no need to worry about it falling.

The screw is included in the clock case for quick installation. Because of its great simplicity and minimalism, Nomon's Axiom T clock has as its best feature its versatility and ability to look good in any interior design style.

No matter how you decorate your space, this clock will surely look good. With dark-colored furniture like a dark blue piece of furniture, it would combine very well.

You can opt for brown-toned tables to match the Nomon Axiom T Clock.

Also placing the clock in conjunction with other elements on the walls such as frames gives an extra touch to any room

Data sheet

Ø Diameter
74 cm. / 100 cm.
Graphite steel
Clock Hands
Walnut wood

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