Nomon Tacon 12L wall clock
  • Nomon Tacon 12L wall clock
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  • Tacon Clock 12L of 100 cm.

Tacón 12 L Nomon wall clock

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One of the most emblematic and successful nomon creations. Version: Tacón 12 L (12 time signals).

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Description Tacón 12 L Nomon wall clock

Without a doubt we are facing a clock with character if you opt for this model we assure that you that no one will be indifferent to it and it will stand out wherever you place it.

This 100 cm diameter clock is made of lacquered walnut wood and chromed steel in the case and the 12 time signals. Its hands come in three different presentations: red white or black.

It is the type of clock that demonstrates elegance and accuracy symmetry and light. The box adheres to the surface and it is easy to install its mechanism is silent and stands out from any corner of the room. You can put it in conference rooms your living room at home in your office in your business; after all it is very versatile in relation to adaptability and you don't need to break the wall to hold it in it.

Combine it in environments with Nordic Mediterranean Bohemian-style decorations combining the metallic details of the Heel 12 L clock by Nomon with the details of wood or natural materials you have in your home.

Complement your space with creative prints of vibrant colors such as red or purple take advantage of the varieties offered by this design to find accessories for your home. The design with red lacquered walnut needles combined with chairs or furniture in a solid red as well as in places with monochrome tones or light colors such as beige white or gray.

If you have chairs, you can choose some with a metal base and a brightly colored seat.

The adaptability of the Nomon Heel 12 L clock has no limits and each design is assembled by hand. You can see that its structure doesn'tt hide anything or have details that you consider negative when someone observes this design they can stay a few seconds - or minutes - trying to understand how the 12 timestamps are so perfectly aligned.

Data sheet

Ø Diameter
100 cm.
Lacquered wood
Chromed steel
Clock Hands
Walnut wood black, white or red lacquering.

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