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This company was registered in the 30's as woodworking industry and furniture for sale on behalf of D. Julio Lluesma Albert, located in the C /. San Roque, later moving to the old C /. Caudillo actualmente C /. Mayor de Moncada (Valencia). Due to the socio-economic sector, the industry was transformed into MUEBLES JULIO LLUESMA S.L 

The passage of several generations and more than half a century, have been a logical evolution in the company. Furniture Today Lluesma July is dedicated to the furniture in general, has a facility of 2500 m2 in the town of Moncada, spread over a 6-storey building of exposure, with numerous suggestions for furniture, catering to all needs aesthetic of the moment.


No doubt, Valencia is becoming in recent years in a leading city in terms of furniture design and art. A large share of responsibility for the design of furniture Valencian and with it, the stores trade nationally and internationally glitter within the modern furniture Valencian companies and furniture stores. 

One of these leading companies in the sector is undoubtedly the furniture store in July Lluesma.Lluesma Interior is a modern furniture store located in Valencia design, specifically Moncada 7 km from the capital. 

As a designer furniture store in Valencia has a large catalog of avant-garde furniture and design. Between July furniture Furniture Lluesma are offering wide range of accessories and home furnishings, among them the design bedrooms, chairs, tapestries and lounges. 

The furniture store design is a specialist in Lluesma Interior decoration and interior design. Betting at all times by the modern furniture. 

This modern furniture store and design in Valencia, bet because the design and decoration in the home have a local and international perspective. So much of their furniture comes from the Italian market. Furniture such as bedrooms, designer chairs, ancillary furniture are imported from the cradles of the design. 

That is why in MUEBLES JULIO LLUESMA S.L stores are among most important modern furniture in Valencia. 

Search and compare between stores of furniture in Valencia, and see how the furniture store, Lluesma Interior has everyt