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Pisa T Nomon floor clock

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Pisa floor clock in graphite and walnut wood.

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Description Pisa T Nomon floor clock

Innovating with its small and simple models Nomon brings the Pisa T Clock to be placed on desktops or corner desks. The slim needle shape of this foot clock offers a simple and comfortable style for your home.

The hands move smoothly and delicately providing a gypsy and free feeling. The stand of this floor clock is on a thin walnut wood rod with graphite steel counterweight. Thanks to this, the design is removed from the traditional circular design to release the needles as a whole from the mechanism box. They are both suspended on the top of the walnut stalk to rotate smoothly and constantly hypnotizing those who see it and adding style to your living room or hall. When using this piece of decoration of Nomon for a room you must bear in mind that the Nordic styles are the ideal ones.

The palette of dark blue pale blue and gray is ideal to combine with the foot clock that we show you. They should highlight the tones of the hour hands and other objects such as tables sofas wooden tables among others.

The size of the Nomon Pisa T Clock is 150 centimeters at the time of 12 o'clock, that is, when its longest needle is in the highest position. In addition, this needle has a diameter of 74 centimeters which gives greater accuracy when recording the time.

Your home will have a high level of sophistication thanks to this clock model of the graphite collection. You can place it on a corner table next to other wooden ornaments or with similar tones. It is the perfect clock to offer order comfort and simplicity to your favorite room without losing class and elegance

Data sheet

Ø Diameter
74 cm.
150 cm.
Graphite steel
Clock Hands
Walnut wood