Mini OJ Nomon wall clock
Mini OJ Nomon wall clock
Mini OJ Nomon wall clock
Mini OJ Nomon wall clock

Mini OJ Nomon wall clock

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OJ mini original wall clock in many colours to choose. Diameter 50 cm.

  • Azul acero
  • Blanco
  • Calabaza
  • Gris
  • Mostaza
  • Negro
  • Plata
  • Verde ultramarino
  • Rojo
  • Rosa

Description Mini OJ Nomon wall clock

It is increasingly common to see a wall clock located anywhere in a house without regard to traditional areas such as the kitchen. This has a reason to be: This type of clocks has become an original decorative element. A design clock like the Nomon mini OJ gives great personality to any room where you place it and thanks to its dimensions of just 50 cm in diameter it also makes it a jovial and curious object.

A wall can be completely empty but when you place an adhesive clock on it, it will be rightly decorated without the need to add any other decorative element.

Only with its presence a wall clock can enrich a place without recharging it much more since its design will be enough. It is the kind of magic that you achieve when having a Nomon OJ mini clock.

And the best with the reduced version of the OJ is that there is a wide variety of models and each one adapts to the space you need from a minimalist to the most risky or avant-garde.

Ideal for designer houses as well as for modern flats, Nomon OJ mini can transform the atmosphere of a room or combine with modern or Nordic style furniture. It all depends on the model and color you choose.

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