Nomon wall clock Doble O i
Doble O i Nomon wall clock
Nomon Doble O i round wall clock
Nomon stainless steel watch
Nomon wall clock Doble O i
Nomon Doble O i round wall clock
Nomon stainless steel watch

Doble O i Nomon wall clock

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70 cm. diameter clock with steel double ring and wood clock hands.


Description Doble O i Nomon wall clock

Many times we spend too much energy thinking about what could be the final touch to the decoration of an enclosure without realizing that the solution is simpler than we think: a large wall clock.

The large format of the Double O i clock from Nomon is the right alternative if what you are looking for is a decorative and practical object that adapts to your needs with its single presence.

This elegant designer clock presents a diameter of 70 centimeters and a height of 80 cm that covers that space in the house office or establishment with supreme elegance that you had always wanted to occupy. Having a good visibility of the time is only one of the advantages of the Nomon Double O i clock.

Its walnut needles and chrome steel case give it the great elegance and good taste that everyone will want to admire when they visit you.

The Nomon O i distinguishes itself among the modern wall clocks by its polished steel ring that brings minimalism to its design and never looks complex or elaborately refilled. Don't want that cake to over? Don't want breakfast to take too long because you have to go to work?

This large format clock in your kitchen will be of great help. Do you have a spacious living room with a lot of space on your walls and want to give it a different touch that goes in harmony with other elements of the room?

The Nomon Double O i clock is the option you need. Do you want to organize time properly in your workplace? Placing this large format wall clock will be very useful and also its innovative design will be an additional motivating element.

And something very important: its large size does not represent any problem at the time of installation because the Nomon Double O i is a comfortable adhesive clock that can be located in the most convenient place with total ease.


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