The best wall clocks for professionals

From humanity's earliest days we've kept a stretch relationship with time. The way we recorded its passage revealed what was important to us. Today, time it’s more important than ever because we are always late to something and there is always something to do. Animals don’t have concept of time, only humans do.

Wall clocks and large dimension clocks may be in disuse in a practical perspective, thanks to the invention of smartphones, but they still are a mark of good taste. A clock can be provocative, inspiring, elegant, relaxing and beautiful. Any space is improved by a good chosen clock.

For all the professional in the design industry (interior designers, architects, real estate companies, interior decorators, etc) Nomon's clocks are the ones who fit your desires in interior decorations at the best price.

We are an online store specialized in selling original modern clocks and design clocks produced in a handmade fashion using innovative ideas for decoration that you can contact our department of professionals and we will be delight to assist you to resolve any doubts or to place any order. You can be assured that our services are going to satisfy all your project’s needs.

We have the best human team to perform any type of task, so if you wish, you can contact us and we will be happy to work with you. Our professional team is numerous and varied therefore we can perform all types of jobs, no matter what sector of the design industry are you from. You can reduce the cost of your projects by benefiting from our special discounts in high quality wall clocks.

The best wall clocks for the different design professionals

  • Decorators
    For interior decorators we offer the prestigious clocks brand Nomon so they can give the best impression with their projects. No matter what kind of clock you are looking for, we have it: vanguardism clocks, modern clocks or classic style clocks, you will have in your reach all types of options.
  • Architects
    For architects, we can provide you the perfect companions for your building projects, so you can improve them with our clocks. Our clocks have the best quality and performance in the market.
  • Promoters
    To the promoters we offer the possibility of furnishing their homes with high-end wall clocks. Our products have the ability to offer a unique touch of style and elegance for new buildings to impress clients in their different projects. Our clocks have the ability to adapt to any environment or space and a incredible price. After the projects are complete, we also offer the possibility to their clients and new tenants to obtain discounts for new clocks.
  • Real Estate
    For real estate companies we offer the possibility of improving the quality of design of their homes, in order to offer a more attractive and tasteful service. Furthermore, we will give you the possibility of present your clients the different types of designer clocks at the best prices, to give an extra perk at the time of selling.

Also, they will have different products in a record time as we stand out for being flexible in packeting area, as well as guaranteeing a fast and simple delivery service, since we meet the stipulated deadlines.

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